100 Most Influential Photographers of all time as selected by Professional Photographer Magazine

This I am sure will provoke lots of discussions and probably start many an argument as most lists tend to do.  The list of the 100 most influential Photographers was compiled by Professional Photographer Magazine  That’s a long list and will take me a while to get through it.  I have to start at the top though and I have no doubt that certainly from my perspective as a professional photographer, that Richard Avendon who was one of the most influential fashion & modeling Photographers should be number 1.  His iconic white background that he used to perfection to isolate his subjects is something that I have borrowed for my very own Headshot style.  As a Gold Coast Photographer I have to keep being influenced by other photographers as I am sure that Richard was influenced by photographers before him.  View the fstoppers article here – 100 Most influential Photographers

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