Fully Nude Kate Middleton Photos Published – Photographer might be arrested

It appears now that the saga of the Kate Middleton topless & nude photos is set to go on & on.  I am sure she wished it would all go away.  The issue now is the apparent desire to sue the female photographer responsible for taking the images.  Can they do this ? Would they do this ?  It appears that the British press have a verbal arrangement not to publish the images.  The European gossip magazines have no such arrangement.

I don’t really care that Kate Middleton is topless or naked, she is on holidays and having fun with her Husband.  I don’t like that there have been photographs taken of them from up to 1 kilometer away with a telephoto lens.  I don’t like this form of photography so I would probably never explore this as a part of my business model, although it is quite lucrative.  I do however agree to a photographer that does make the choice to involve himself/herself in this type of photography be free to photograph whom they choose in line with the laws of the particular location that they are in.  Should she be arrested because the target of the images was the Royal Couple ?  Why are they any different than a Kate Moss or a Kylie Minogue.  Can the laws be changed just for the Royals ?

Paparazzi Photography as I explained is not an area that I would become involved in but it exists because people, mostly women, buy the magazines that publish these types of stories.  If people didn’t buy the magazines there would be no market for those types of  Images and the whole problem would go away.


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