Headshots – What are they & who needs them?

Wikipedia defines a headshot ” as a modern portrait for todays branding needs, where the focus of the photograph is the personality inside the person captured ” Pretty nice description and I didn’t think I could improve on it so I put it here !

Traditionally headshots were the realm of Actors & Actresses that were looking for work.  Whereas the business man would carry a business card, an actor would carry a composite card or 8 x 10 headshot.  Why the headshot ?  I think because of the proximity and the fact that you can’t hide in a headshot.  Its up close and its you.  Full body shots on location for example, the person can hide a little and get lost in the fact that it might be a great view or beautiful sunset and the overall image might be excellent.  In  Headshots there is no hiding!

Why are Headshots becoming so important for everybody lately?

The ability to market your business or product online has probably overtaken most other necessary skills.  Less and less do you meet business people that don’t have some form of presence online, whether its a major company or someone selling something from his garage.  The ability to be able to connect with people online and to have people trust you is sooooo important.  I believe that having a Headshot or profile Image on your website or on your linkedin page are paramount to people being able to connect with you and understand that they are dealing with a real person and not just an automatic website.

If a customer can see you, the real you, then I think you move a step closer to forming a relationship with that person and hence it then becomes much easier to engage with them.

It is said that people take about 7 seconds to make up their mind about you based on your profile image.  What does your profile image say about you and or your business ?

Look for next weeks Headshot installment from the Gold Coast Headshot Guy !


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