How to look good In a Headshot or any Photo – Chapter 1

Like all Gold Coast Photographers I am absolutely passionate about what I do and look to always be providing the best guidance and advice to my clients.  The reason i have a growing client base for my Headshots is that its obvious that I am passionate about my clients and helping them look their best in their Headshots & profile Images.

In this post I am going to tell you about how to look good in not only your Headshot shoot but in any photos that you happen to be in.  Actors, Actresses & Rock Stars know these secrets because they are always getting photographed by the best photographers in the business.  Do you ever see them on the Red Carpet, they always look good in their photos.  Its not the lighting, as the photographers are usually behind a rope with a little pop up flash on top of the camera.  If you look closely, they will angle their chin and they will change their facial expression.

Lets start with the Chin or the jaw.  No one likes to have more than one chin, so what we have to show is a nice strong jaw line, we need to create some tightening of the skin around the jaw.  How do we do this ?  We stretch our chin out towards the camera away from our neck.  Once we have stretched it out, we then drop our chin down without decreasing the distance of our chin from our necks.  Now, if the camera / photographer is at your eye level it will give the illusion that you have a nice tight jaw line and just one chin.  It will feel weird but, if you persevere through that, you will discover that your chin & jaw line will look great.

In my next blog I will talk about facial expressions.


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