What does your headshot really say about you ?

Do you have a linkedin, facebook or some type of online profile ?  If you do there’s a good chance that at some point or another you have been asked to upload a profile image of yourself.  Did you leave it blank or did you hurriedly chop yourself out of that picture at that party you went to last year where you thought you looked pretty cool ?

Have you ever really thought about what your profile picture says to people that view it ?  How does it look, is it dark, grainy, out of focus ?  What does the expression on your face say, arrogant, confident, happy, carefree ?  Have you ever asked Gold Coast Photographer other than your partner what they thought of your profile Image.

Research tells us that people are spending less & less time making buying or selection decisions and they are using visuals triggers more frequently to help them make those decisions. 3 seconds is the average amount of time that a potential client takes to make up their mind about your business based on your imagery. Are you sending the right message with your Imagery.

As relationship marketing & personal Branding become the new buzzwords in a world trying to find the next big thing to hang their marketing hat on, your Imagery and more particularly, your profile Image will take on renewed importance.

Is it time to ask yourself the question, What does your Headshot really say about you and or your business ?


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