Better Website Photography

For websites to be effective they not only have to have a strong product and be easy to navigate but they also have to be visually appealing! The best way to make a website visually appealing is through the use of Images.

The following is a quick guide for those that might want to shoot their own images for their websites or for those that want to be better equipped to instruct a professional photographer.

Taking your own Images

Here are some points that you need to keep in mind when you are shooting for your website.

  • Isolate the product or staff member – In other words make it absolutely clear what the subject is
  • Make sure all of the product/person is in focus
  • Remove any distracting backgrounds from the Image – use a plain background
  • Use a tripod to eliminate camera shake
  • Get up as close as possible – this will take care of some of the above items as well
  • Make sure the image is repeatable – Images that are easy to replicate make it easier to add new items or add more images at a later date.

Advising a Photographer

Keep these points in mind when advising a photographer about shots for your website

-        Make sure he adheres to the above points

-        Have a clear idea of what you want your product/staff to look like, links to other websites with the look that you want are really helpful

-        Ask for some test or proof images so that you can check that he/she is achieving the look you want

-        Ask if you can be in attendance during the shoot

These simple rules can be applied to almost any product. For staff profile or headshots  these rules also apply.

NOTE: Some web designers make the image spaces on their web sites square.  Very few cameras, apart from some very high-end ones, shoot square images.  Cropping an image that was originally rectangular and making it square is very easy but, it rarely looks good. If you absolutely have to have square images, make sure you shoot for this yourself or tell your photographer that you will need square images.

As a Photographer Gold Coast that is well aware that people have budgets, having to re-shoot a product or spend extra time editing is costly for the client.


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