Commercial Building Photography – Gold Coast

Palm Meadows Golf Course has been a long standing institution on the Gold Coast.  It surely one of the well known Golf Courses in Australia.  I jumper at the recent chance to shoot the Function center recently.  It was great shoot right up to the time that I needed to shoot from outside just on dusk.  The rain came down at exactly the wrong time.  Ad I was shooting I had a large picnic rug thrown over myself and the camera & I was doing little sprints from shot to the next.  Anybody watching must have thought i was mental.  I did contemplate at one stage returning on another day but thought I would hang in there and see what i got.  i was pretty happy with the results, more importantly, so was my client.  One of the few things you can’t change about being a Gold Coast Photographer is the weather but you can still never use it as an excuse for not getting a shot !

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