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The Display Builders had me attend the NIBA Conference at Conrad Jupiters here on the Gold Coast.  I am no stranger to Conrad Jupiters as I worked there for nearly 10 years.  It is always strange coming back here to perform  a very different type of job than the ones I used to do.  NIBA Stands for National Insurance Brokers and there was some amazing stands there.  The challenge for me on this shoot was that the stands were very close together.  This gave me little or no room to step back and try and get the whole display in the one shot.  My trusty 8mm Sigma lens came in handy here but then i also had to make sure that i wasn’t shooting too much of the neighboring stand.  Always a tricky business shooting display stands.  The other comment I must make is about the carpet in some of the most popular conference centers here on the Gold Coast, its horrible.  I know why they have it the color and design that they do but, it still looks terrible in Images. ( They have it the color they do, to hide stains and grime. Otherwise they would be changing the carpet after every conference)  The challenges of a Gold Coast Photographer never end !

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