Gold Coast Photography – Product Test from F/stoppers – Nikon D600

The boys at F/stoppers have done it again.  Gone and purchased a D600 and then made me feel like i should have one.  I hate that about these guys, lol !  I will have to sneak in to Ted’s at Southport and have a play with both the D600 & the D800 when I next get a chance.  I’m really looking forward to my first full frame !  Not a massive leap in megapixels but that’s OK.  With the type of work I do as a Gold Coast Photographer, megapixel count is not the most important factor.  I have a massive month of jobs booked for October so maybe I can think about it after that.  Santa Clause is coming to town !  The ISO test was awesome and the difference between the 2 cameras was only slight.  Again, what I do as a Gold Coast Photographer I am rarely at those types of ISO settings anyway.  To view the article go to here – CLICK HERE

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