Photo Shoot for Inflatable Rash Vest by Bradkay Photographix

Every now & again you see a product and go ” wow”  that’s really cool.  Most people are not aware that the most dangerous sport in Australia is ” fishing”.  Thats right fishing !  More specifically, “Rock Fishing”  There are more people killed and injured rock fishing every year than any other sport in Australia.  This product might change all that.  Its an inflatable rash vest.  Most people would know a rash vest as something that a surfer wears when he is surfing to stop him getting board rash.  This one can be set to automatic so that the second it gets wet, it automatically inflates.  Now i know what you are thinking that it would annoy the hell out of surfers, and you are probably right but think of the uses for boating, rock fishing, kids can wear them around pools etc.  there is also a manual version that you can inflate your self when you need too.  I think this is going revolutionize the water safety industry !

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