Why a Selfie doesn’t cut it in Business & you need a Professional Headshot

Why a selfie won’t do!

As people explore the limits and extraordinary possibilities of selfies every day, it’s time to realise they just won’t do when it comes to representing yourself professionally.

People relate to people and using a professional image will help sell your brand. Why would you want a mediocre picture next to your professional content?

While it’s one thing to simply take a nice or fun photo and put it on your social profile, it’s another thing to have a photo which truly represents who you are and the image you want to convey.

Taking a selfie that encapsulates all the qualities you wish to convey would be extremely difficult, if not impossible. It takes a truly skilled photographer to capture your emotion, passion and accentuate your individualism – all that without even looking at the technical side of a headshot.

Most selfie’s unfortunately tend to fail in at least one of these areas: blurry, poor lighting or an odd background which can be distracting. Not to mention knowing how to work your best angles and expressions.

By utilising the latest techniques in lighting, angles and camera work, along with professional hair and makeup, a professional headshot will clearly stand out amongst all the selfies. Your professional headshot can become one of your greatest marketing tools.

Bradkay Photographix can deliver a unique and professional head shot that you will be proud to associate with your business.

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