Your Headshot or Profile Image, how to make yours look better.

Its no secret that Famous Actors & actresses generally look pretty good in their photos.  Although the amount of photoshopping that goes on these days has received a fair bit of criticism lately and its good to see in some situations it is coming back to a more normal form, having an interesting or good image of yourself is not all about photoshop.  Stars on the red carpet get very little assistance from lights and/or photoshop but they still manage to look good. Practice makes perfect and these guys are always having their photograph taken and they have to look good, its their job !

A quick look at facebook, linkedin or the internet in general, tells me that the everyday person is having their photograph taken more & more.  This shouldn’t surprise anyone because nowadays 99.9% of the population carry a camera in their pocket.

How do we then start to look better in snaps that we are in everyday.  These are a few tips, that if you can remember will help you not only look better in day to day snaps but will also help on your wedding day, in any corporate profile images and might stop you cringing when your mates post images of you on their Facebook feeds.

1.  Most people have a tendency to pull back from the camera, this gives you a slightly elevated position and can highlight your neck, not a good look generally. I suggest you lean towards the camera, bringing your forehead closer to the camera !

2. If the person taking your picture is smaller than you, drop your knees a little so that the camera is at or slightly above eye level, this will hide any extra stuff you might have going on under your chin.

3. Unless you have no teeth whatsoever I would usually suggest you smile. Practice being able to smile on cue.  I find a lot of girls particularly want to pull off that sultry, sexy look that models do.  Models can do it because they practice it everyday and have that ” look”.  Lets face it, if we looked like that we would all be models. Natural smiles are always best.

4. Slightly turn one shoulder towards the camera, either side is ok but the trick is to lean towards the shoulder closest to the camera.  Turning one shoulder towards the camera can make us look slightly thinner and leaning towards that side will again take away any chins by stretching the skin under the neck and giving a stronger jawline.

Following these few tips won’t make you look like Brad Pitt or Nicole Kidman but they can help you to stop cringing when you see photos of yourself on facebook or social media feeds.

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