Your Headshot & Profile Image, what does yours say ?

Most people at some stage or another have been asked to upload a profile Image or Headshot into some type of online profile.  Did you spend any time thinking about the image ?  What does that image say about you and your business ?  What does the expression on your face say, happy, approachable, serious, trustworthy, confident, arrogant ?  What do people think about when they see my profile image ?

Do people care about your profile Image ?  I grew up with the words, ” you have to make a good first impression and you only get one chance “   What type of first impression does your profile picture make ?  Does it make the impression that you want it too ?

There are marketing people  that say you must have a profile Image on your website, staff photos if you will.  I can’t find it written anywhere that says your staff photos have to look like drivers license photos or passport photos.

There are some very simple tips & tricks that can make your Headshots look better.

Next week i will give you some techniques in standing and some expressions that can make you look as good as you can possibly look.

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