Wedding Preparation for the bride

Preparing for a wedding for a bride is easy to say but, there are a lot of things to do. You must think about yourself first & foremost.

On your special day, you will want your nails, your hair to look fabulous. You will be surrounded by your family, most of your friends and of course your professional wedding photographer.  Most cameras will take photos of you and your husband and they will be pointed from all different angles.

You will need to pay attention to not only how your front side looks but how you look from the back as well !  You want to be careful about parts of your body that are exposed by your dress. For example, if  you are going to wear a wedding dress with bare arms you don’t want  “chicken wings”.
You want to look healthy and beautiful in your wedding dress.  You will be busy preparing for your wedding day but take the time for some exercise. This is not only to “shape up” but to also release stress and relax you.
As little as  30 minute a day for walking or stretching.  If you can go to a gym, swimming or running, any exercise will help you. It is also fantastic  to have a bath for 30 min with aroma oil and your favourite song, twice a week would be very beneficial.
To exercise and have a long bath will have more than 1 benefit. Not only will it relax you & make your mind healthy it will help you to sleep, increase blood circulation and it will promote healthy skin, they are all connected to each other!
Another idea is every night when you take your make up off, take a  little extra time to put moisturizer on and massage your face at the same time !
One more thing, chose a healthier diet. When you are busy, we tend to eat easy food, but this is the time you need to eat a lot of various colored vegetables to make you feel beautiful inside & outside.
A last minute diet won’t help you.  Eat health and do some exercise.  A little bit of time for yourself, this will make a huge difference!

Most of all, enjoy the planning & preparation.

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