Makeup tips for Gold Coast Model Photography from a Victoria Secret model !

Makeup tips for Model Photography from a Victoria Secret model !

Step 1
Start with the body. The Victoria’s Secret beauty regimen stands out because it’s head-to-toe. The result is bronzed bodies. Start by applying a gradual self-tanner with moisturizer on a daily basis. You can likely also apply a self-tanner with moisturizer on your face. However, some companies provide a separate product for just the face.
Step 2
Apply a shimmering body oil on the body. Not only does it provide an extra glow, but it also works to instantly cover up flaws.
Step 3
Use a leg-perfecting spray. This is a great way to get those flawless legs.
Step 4
Apply a spray or bronzing body dust to seal the deal. By using various products on the body, you’re ensuring a tan with depth and dimension. Another advantage is that you’re unlikely to miss a spot.
Step 1
Start with the face. Apply a moisturizer with self-tanner. Apply concealer and foundation if necessary.
Step 2
Contour the face. With a contouring brush, apply a blush or a powder that is a shade darker than your skin tone to the edges of your face, under your cheekbones and around your nose. You can also brush the apple of your cheeks.
Step 3
Clean up your eyebrows. Pluck your eyebrows in order to get a clean look. Brush a light, shimmery eyeshadow or thick pencil in a platinum shade right below your brow bone.
Step 4
Explore your eye options. According to the video “Heidi Klum’s Sexy Makeup Secrets,” Klum prefers to use a liquid liner on the upper eyelid. You can also apply a smokey eye. Refer to Seventeen Magazine’s video “Victoria’s Secret–Fashion Show- Backstage Beauty: Makeup,” in which the makeup artist uses a smokey eye with a smudge brush. (See the links in Resources.)
Step 5
Apply false lashes and mascara. You can either glue individual eyelashes across the upper lash line or purchase a lash strip. Apply mascara to both upper and lower lashes.
Step 6
Wear lipstick. Get a nude or flirty pink tone.
Step 7
Use lip gloss. Get those signature pouty Victoria’s Secret lips by applying a pale pink or clear lip gloss.

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