A day on the beach in Japan – A Gold Coast Photographers view.

This entry is to give people that haven`t been to Japan a small idea of the wonderful mix of sights, sounds, colour & people that you can find if you can get away from the cement & buildings that make up the Cities in Japan.  Enjoy !  These were all taken about a 2 min walk from my home. I was living in the Fujisawa City area which is about 60 Klms South Of Tokyo. The beaches are unreal in Japan.  There is also something for everyone.  Restaurants, nightclubs, that pump out hardcore techno all day and of course the surf which pumps during Typhoon season from June to October.

What a fabulous day ! it all started with a train ride.  Watching the sunrise can be a magic experience and its not often that you get the beach to yourself.  There was a tidal wave warning this day and the water was cleared.  The wave arrived and it was only 35 inches high.  Nobody complains after Indo.  Japan has some of the freshest seafood in the world and there is a restaurant for every 80 people.  Needless to say, food is never far away.  These bars and restaurants are built for the summer but they only stay there for 3 months and then they are pulled down again.  Plenty of action if you get bored swimming or lazing on the beach.  Pole dancing, bar dancing, night/day clubs for the techno heads.  Plenty of people and colorful characters were to be seen.  It was also summer break for the Unis & schools.  Those students in Japan make our schoolies week look like morning tea.  I was able to sit in on one of their drinking sessions and it was quite the experience.  As day creeps into night the sunsets and the real partying begins.

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