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Wedding Day Photo tips for HAIR

Lets face it, we all want perfect hair for our wedding day because the photos will last forever.  You don’t want to take a risk on the wrong hair colour for your skin tone or your wedding dress.  The following are some hints about what might help on our very special day.

New hair colour or style

It would seem that it is better to try a new hair colour or hair style more than one week prior to your wedding day in order to avoid a tragic mistake with your hair.
Going and getting your hair coloured for your wedding day is a great idea but remember,
newly coloured hair might oxidise and you can’t be sure what the colour might really be on the day itself, it would certainly be terrible if it did not match your skin tone or dress.

If you make the decision to cut your long hair, it not only changes your hair style, but it could possibly change the feel with your dress, veil and accessories that you have chosen for your big day.  Many women have long hair on their wedding day, and there is plenty of information out there for you to use in relation to hair styles & options .  Consistent advice would be, that if  you have decided to change your hair style, you might want to do so a month or so before the wedding day.

If you have short hair,  you can do a lot with your style with a few little changes.
Changing your hair style with hair accessories gives you many options.

If your hair style is neat and tidy with your veil at the ceremony, at the reception you could put a fresh flower in your hair.
Want impact with a little effort, why don’t you put a long hair wig on and surprise all your guests!

A wedding is only for one day, but the photos  will remain with us for a lifetime and hopefully tell a thousand stories.  Every time you add a little change,  your wedding day photos might tell a different story!!

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