How to Guide: Gold Coast Real Estate Photography

Gold Coast Real estate photography is a great way to combine a passion for photography and a passion for architecture or real estate. This photography niche ranges from simple real estate photography for basic house listings to upscale luxury photography that is featured in magazines. This quick guide will get you started with the basics on how to get started in real estate photography.

Create your real estate photography business and secure your equipment. 

Gold Coast Real estate photography should be approached as a business if you ever want to make any money. Accordingly, you should have a proper business entity, necessary insurance and licenses, and the proper equipment to get started. Even if you start out on a small scale, you will need to be professional to be taken seriously. You will be working with professionals so you should act accordingly.
Establish your portfolio. 

Before you approach your first client you will need to have a portfolio of your work. This can be as simple as asking friends or family members to let you photograph their homes. This will serve the dual purpose of giving you much needed practice, as well as giving your portfolio a jumpstart.
Approach real estate agents. 

A great way to get started in Gold Coast real estate photography is to approach real estate agents with your portfolio and present real estate photography packages. You will want to be very competitive in the beginning; the goal is to secure repeating clients. Don’t worry, you can always raise your rates in the future.
Over deliver on your real estate photography. 

This is just a good business practice, but you always want to over deliver on your services to attract repeat business. You can over deliver on your customer service, your actual product, and the perks that you may throw in with your package for free. This will leave a great impression with the real estate agents you work with and convince them that they should do business with you in the future.
Continue to increase your skills. 

As your real estate photography skills progress, you will be able to increase your rates, increase your income, and enjoy the satisfaction of your work. You will learn advanced techniques in lighting, staging, editing, and developing. These skills will help bring your career from a lowly basic real estate photographer, to a luxury home photographer featured on the front cover of magazines.

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