Affordable Diy Shutter Headboard

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Diy Shutter Headboard

Shutter headboard – Recycling, creating furniture source object found or finding creative uses for everyday items can be at the top of a list of projects it-yourself. A vintage look can be designed around a series of worn and aged blinds. A header inexpensive and easy to assemble can also make folding doors cut to a size shutter.

How to shutter headboard? Measure width and height of bed and decide how high and head of bed should be wide. Headers can be wider than bed. An additional inch and a half inch at each end works. Choose blinds visiting home remodeling, architectural ornament and outlets and recycled building materials stores. Blinds do not have to be new, but should not deteriorate or rotten. Fit shutters together when placed face down on a solid surface. Place blinds aligning them next to each other while holding top level of blinds.

Place blinds up and down using a wooden mounting strip 1-per-inch. Cut two strips shorter than width of header inches. Place a strip of 4 inches from top and second strip of 4 inches from bottom. Use screws and fixing each shutter twice a screw centered on vertical frame on each side of blind. Shutter headboard Refinish by spray painting or staining both back and front of blind. Add ornamentation or decorative motifs if desired. Mount head of bed to wall with screws at each end of two mounting strips. Place screws so that enter through blind and strip and directly on a wall mounting plate. Use a level to ensure even mounting.

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