Classy Gold Headboard

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Gold Headboard Shapes

Gold headboard – Adds a splash of color to a room to serve as a gift for friends or family, consider unconventional ideas for a headboard in gold color. Frame your gold duvet if you want to preserve it. If the quilt has sentimental value or is something that has been passed down through generations, the framing is a way to protect it from air exposure. Due to a quilt large size, you will probably need a custom framework.

Burrowing under a warm blanket on a cold winter brings a sense of coziness and comfort. Quilts have a number of other applications in addition to keeping people warm. Turn your gold quilt for a headboard. Gold headboard makes a cheap alternative to a wood or metal, and is soft and comfortable as well. A gold quilt works well when the wall background color is a neutral white or egg shell or even a darker color like blue or red.

Avoid showing the gold headboard in a room with other gold accent pieces or lots of beige, as it will create a faded look. To make headboard, ascribe a curtain rod wall above the bed with parentheses. Drape gold blanket over the curtain rod to complete.

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