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Modern Brick And Stucco House Images

Modern stucco house – Stucco has been around for centuries. It is a great source of complex architectural designs of traditional buildings, both inside and out. Modern stucco is constructed of cement, making it much more durable than its traditional counterpart and therefore more ideal for external use.


Construct a modern stucco house has several advantages. It is slightly colored either by painting or by adding a pigment to the mixture when the stucco is made. It is also easily formed, so that you can achieve patterns as traditional brick and mortar cannot match.

Modern stucco house is applied to a house in three stages. A cloth and wire mesh structure is built where the stucco will be applied. This provides the stucco its shape in a similar way to how the papier-mâché has a frame below it. A smoothing coat is then applied to the frame, smoothed over the surface and allowed to cure. Finally, surface coating that gives its traditional stucco sandy texture.

Before painting stucco, it is important to let it harden fully. Stucco take up to three months for all the water inside the mixture to make its way to the surface and evaporates. Painting stucco before it has completely hardened like to trap the water inside, causing paint peeling off the water trying to escape.

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