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Modern Housing Prototypes Wall Colors

Modern housing prototypes – with living room, kitchen, bathroom and a bedroom – will supply solar photovoltaic energy, low-scale wind energy, through a biodigestor, solar water heater and solar cooker. It is focused on subtropical climates, with high and sustained temperatures. To verify the efficiency and behavior of the materials used and the energy that can be produced through renewable sources, interns of the Center for Development and Technological Innovation (CeDITec) of the Executive Committee of Development and Technological Innovation work on the design of a prototype housing Bioclimatized.

In most homes, heat is quenched by the use of air conditioning, which, being in environments with high requirements and low efficiency, consume a lot of energy to cool them. In analyzing this situation, the authors of the project considered that it is essential to manufacture modern housing prototypes, with a bioclimatic design. It should then be monitored by temperature sensors and software that performs the data survey to analyze performance.

The modern housing prototypes will have several architectural features, such as being oriented to take advantage of the sun in winter times and have shade in the summer; Design according to criteria of passive solar architecture. In the construction will be used insulating materials to take advantage of the energy, double entrance door and galleries.

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