Fabric Turquoise Headboard Ideas

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Perfect Turquoise Headboard

Turquoise Headboard –Some fabric turquoise headboard are: Go Modern. Find colorful fabrics to make a bold, modern statement with your fabric headboard. Choose lime green or turquoise upholstery contrasts with chocolate brown linen, edged with piping that matches the headboard color. Or try a bold graphic design for your fabric. Try embroidering your name in bright white Helvetica lettering on a hot pink background, or trying simple black and white striped chintz.

Nature Themes. Find fabrics turquoise headboard with pictures of trees or parts of green branches to create the appearance of being up in the trees. Or consider a tropical nature theme. Try robust fabric with images of golden bamboo on a light moss green background, or a simple fern, oak and ginkgo leaf pattern on a white or neutral background.

Shabby Chic. Find vintage turquoise headboard floral fabric with large, faded cabbage roses on them. Create a border with these substances around the padded edge of your headboard and put a solid color pastel fabric in the midsection, in light green, off-white or faded pink. Or give your headboard one shabby chic look with a faded Toile, which has a light blue floral design on a taupe background, neutral colors.

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