How To Design A Modern Saltbox House

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Modern saltbox house – An interesting and easy to recognize colonial house style is saltbox, a direct adaptation of the basic half colonial house, resulting in a long roof-line gently sloping down from the ridge to the eaves. The long, low roof-line to the rear of the house came about by the addition of lean-to structures bound to add living space. Eventually, this function was to help in the fight against the cold winds from New England winters.

Draw a floor plan for a traditional, rectangular and symmetrical two-storey colonial-style house with a single-storey extension to the rear which spans the width of the house. Decide how many rooms to be included in the modern saltbox house to control the overall size. Bedrooms and bathrooms are upstairs; living room, dining room and family room, kitchen and laundry room are downstairs.  Design a short, steep pitched roof on the front, exposing two stories. Reflect the same pitch on the back of the house, reaching down to the first floor in the back extension.

Design facade with symmetrical, evenly spaced vertically oriented windows. Do not add dormers, bay windows and porches. Locate a panel entry door on the front center of the modern saltbox house with simple pilasters on both sides. Look up a large brick chimney in the middle of the roof to service multiple fireplaces. Select clapboard siding or shingles to finish the outside.

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