Modern Cape Cod House Plans For New England Simplicity

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Modern Cape Cod House Plans For Narrow Lots

Modern Cape Cod house plans – When the English settlers began building their home in New England. They use models of half-timbered houses that they knew back in the UK. This structure evolved into what we know today as the Cape Cod house plans. The name of this style was created by Reverend Timothy Dwight, president of Yale University, after visiting the Cape.

Overall design principles of modern cape cod house plans is that they have a clean, straight lines and provide habitat simple but functional. More specifically, the roofs of which are usually sharp elbows create captivate Gables. Roof usually has very little overhang. Many Cape Cod house plan will include dormers protrude from the roof. This will help increase the headspace and the use of the upper floors. Speaking flooring, wood is the material of choice and is traditionally used throughout New England. Obviously in the cold New England winter, stone or tile floor would be unbearable.

Modern Cape Cod house plans has one or one-and-a-half stories, and made of wood, with shingles or clapboard width used for the exterior. Typically, this house plan calls for very little external trappings, may reflect the sentiments of the Puritans of the early settlers. Another interesting feature in the older version of the plan is the construction of houses a large central chimney connected to the fireplace in each room.

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