Popular Leather Headboard Ideas

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Stylish Leather Headboard

Leather headboard – Headboard provides an elegant setting for your bed; make this headboard part of the overall look and theme of your room. Leather, regardless of its color or type of leather is an ancient drug that is generally durable. Soft pillows arranged against your leather headboard make your bed a secondary reading nook; a padded leather headboard (stick with darker colors) is also kid-friendly and can protect little ones from the hard knocks associated with solid wooden headboards. Keeping your leather headboard traditional with shades of brown or a solid, rich black. Do your headboard modern with a fresh white leather headboard or a matte charcoal, pale blue or crisp red. If you are looking for a funky look, choose bright colors like orange, light blue or green. Although leather is a mature fabric, a pink or cream colored leather headboard fits a young female teenager and a baby blue, green or softer red might suit a young man.

Make your own leather headboard of recycling or repurposing leather from an old sofa, chair or other fabric and cover your old headboard. Before covering add wood headboard in leather, foam to the headboard or a soft padding. Using an industrial stapler, designed especially for home decor projects and reupholster leather headboard.

Treat your new leather headboard with a leather softener. Clean your leather thoroughly; headboard, purchased at retail or made you, is an investment and you should protect it accordingly. Headboards leather can be brassy upholstery tacks across the surface. clean around these with caution.

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