Very Popular Modern Single Storey House Designs

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Exterior Modern Single Storey House Designs

Modern single storey house designs – nowadays is very popular since your home will be composed by elements, updated accessories, one of the characteristics of this style is the simplicity with which combines all the elements and achieves an incredible result, commonly goes from The hand with the minimalist style, as it tries not to overload the environment with the decorations to be made, that is the secret to achieve a beautiful modern home, ourĀ  professionals will be in charge of showing you in the following pictures how to achieve it.

They can go varieties of colors but without too much overloading the environment and above all know how to combine it, like the furniture that is seen in the image of different colors and a metal structure table with glass, beautiful combination. Just as we are careful in the accessories that we are going to use for the decoration, also an important part of the modern single storey house designs is direct or indirect lighting, lately we use recessed luminaries that help a lot with style.

The wallpaper is very used in modern single storey house designs, since there are different designs for different tastes, and why not, placing it on a single side of the room, could be the bottom of the entire bedroom and will be a Beautiful result.

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