Purple Headboard Design

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Tufted Purple Headboard

Purple Headboard – Halfway between a hot and a cold color, such as red and blue, the range of violet, cyclamen and lilac is an excellent choice to add a modern touch to the decor of your bedroom. In the decorative field, purple is very timely to furnish spaces of all kinds, the trick is to combine it with taste and know how to dose with the right fit. So we want to make even more suspicious to reevaluate this color, a great ally for the interior design that will help you make unique your bedroom take note!

The first example that we found to inspire you this very special project, a bedroom with an entire wall coated to form a large padded purple headboard. As we see the dominant hues are between lilac and purple, even more impressive because the structure of the bed and the other walls have been left white and white / gray.

If, lilac, cyclamen and purple headboard are your favorite colors, dare with a bedroom like the one we see here you will not be a problem, right? The dark purple color the base and the head of the bed while the lilac and cyclamen color, movable walls and linen. On the darker wall then, one element has particularly impressed us: an arabesque contrasting gold color adds a glamorous luxurious note.

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