How Do Rustic Wood Headboard

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Rustic Wood Headboard King

Rustic wood headboard – If you like the rustic decorative style, here you are some ideas to make your own headboard of classic air. Original options, simple and very comfortable and flattering aesthetic effect. One of the simplest options is to use pallets, either the whole structure or only the tables; we can cut in different sizes and combined. In addition, we can grow old wood with bitumen to get our rustic style. With the branches we can gather on a field trip we can develop a very easy and very decorative headboard. As you can see, just we have to design the structure and nail the branches together.

In this picture we see how they have devised a funnel-shaped headboard, creating a cozy style. We can manufacture ourselves the structure or, conversely, if we have a fireplace in the room and not employ it, cover the hole (insulate well), and place the bed under it. As we have seen on occasion, can use doors, windows and wooden shutters as structure for mounting our headboard.

In addition, for a rustic wood headboard effect we can take advantage of the aged and worn effect they have gained over the years. Another option for our rustic wood headboard is to choose an antique mirror, classic cut, which can restore frame (if necessary) and adapt to the style and colors of the room. In addition, we will win in the mirror feeling of spaciousness in the room.

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