Simple Cheap Mid Century Modern House Numbers

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Best Mid Century Modern House Numbers

Mid century modern house numbers – Owning your own home gives you a sense of pride. Your address does a small piece of land; you can call your own. Show your pride of ownership by customizing your own house number should appear at your doorstep. Sure, you can pick up some generic house numbers from the hardware store, but why not make your own work of art with these fun ideas.

Make a fun mosaic mid century modern house numbers with simple cheap supplies. Before you start to glue down tiles and other materials outline a design for use as a guide. Use design elements like boundaries and perhaps a small floral motif in a corner, but keep the design simple. Spreading a layer of adhesive grout on a piece of gauze and mosaic laying out the design of the pieces of tile, small shells, small stones and other objects. Use mosaic tiles to make a colorful border.

Let your mid century modern house numbers reflect a little of your personality or lifestyle. Place the needy iron numbers inside the basket of a horseshoe on your western ranch house. Using modern stainless steel tracks to a smooth ceiling apartment. Find a decorative antique house number to give your historic townhouse little more authentic character.

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