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Excellent Metal Headboard

Metal Headboard  РFunctional charm in the garden. Some of the easiest ways to recycle old metal headboards are available in the garden. For example, you can use an old metal headboard as a trellis by just leaning headboard against a wall and bury leg a few inches into the ground. An old metal headboard can also serve as a decorative fence panel when you prop it up along the front or back of your garden. If you do not mind going to the hardware store and get out of your drill, you can attach a pair of hinges to the headboard and then attach it to your existing garden fence as a gate.

Fun furniture corrections. Redirecting a metal headboard in another piece of furniture requires some work, but the projects are not difficult. A metal headboard also makes a great table top when you saw off the bone, lay flat headboard, attaching four legs and get a piece of thick glass cut to fit over the top. Depending on the size of your head end and the length of the legs, it could be a coffee table, accent table or even breakfast table.

Home accents. Use your metal headboard as home decor. If your headboard is a queen or king-size bed, hang it on the wall above the couch instead of the expected framed painting. If your bathroom or dresser mirror is small or lacks architectural interest, use a headboard background. Hang the headboard on the wall over your vanity or dresser so secure mirror to the headboard, allowing headboard hitting the mirror.

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